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Nelli Rusdia, Architect, St Petersburg, Russia


'Do you have a dream and your predestination? These questions are always in mind amongst people all over the world.

Your dream can be changed with the flow of life for one, or it can stay the same for others. Life always gives you the chance to put into action your inner predestination. Such a chance was given me to me by Dr Michael Tan. I met him at the 20th International Scientific Conference in St-Petersburg in 2016. Since that time my life has become more colourful and conscious. As for me, all different parts of life have become one great picture. My knowledge in architecture, design, Vastu, Feng-Shui, as well as my interests in advanced medicine were integrated to a wellness approach . This has led me to a healthy life style.  We did a great research on Geomagnetic radiation aka Geopatic Stress in Siberia and in St. Petersburg. Together with Dr Michael Tan, we have harmonised two factories in Siberia (each housing 200 workers), private houses and apartments with the Geo Origin Space Harmoniser. We have improved the quality of life of my nearest and dearest people and close friends. 

Michael himself has changed the space with his awareness and the pure sense of life through his unique Geo Origin creation

I would like to thank Dr Michael for the great job that he is doing with all his passion, wisdom, energy and knowledge. His presence make people more open-minded. He is taking away people`s blocks on their way to predestination and building up our beautiful planet."

Rafael Bellavita, founder of water technology, Shanghai, China

"I notice a big difference when I forget to wear my Geo Origin Harmoniser because I feel more susceptible to the stresses of the day. With it I feel more a sense of equilibrium even in the clarity of my thoughts.  I try not to leave home without it. "


Tatiana Bellavita, founder of water technology, Bali, Indonesia


"With my Geo Origin Harmoniser,  I feel less tired energetically. Possibly because it helps in harmonising all those EMF waves that are constantly bombarding us at home, the office and everywhere. I feel, as well, like a sense of more balance in my responses to the world's stresses. A sense of Centeredness."

Phil Gruber, Holistic practitioner & acupuncturist, USA

"I feel much more energy, much more clear headed. Whereas a lot of times, I had much more difficulty orienting myself especially in different environments. The main benefits I experience is clarity and balance, and more energetic."

Father H, Malaysia

"In my yoga exercises, I realised that balancing the energy, harmony of the body, mind and soul, and unity of the person as One being, is the Focus.

Furthermore, balancing of the body, mind and soul is actually facing the Truth about oneself, reconciliation with self and others, reconciliation of past and present, forgoing those who have hurt us, and many things to do with spirituality and psychology. It's a journey. I find that wearing the Geo Origin personal harmoniser pendant helps to harmonise the overall energy too. "

Carolyn Chin, Real Estate Agency Director , KL, Malaysia

"I attended Dr Michael Tan's Geomagnetic Radiation (aka Geopathic Stress) workshop, something I was very curious as to what it is but it was explained in a very scientific manner and I am looking forward to exploring further . Thank you."

* Since the workshop Carolyn attended, she is now our certified Space Auditor in Kuala Lumpur and has been consulting on GMR for the past 2 years.

Sister Jane, Canossian Wellness Centre, Singapore

"I am very interested in Natural Science, and always want to find out the root cause of people's health issues. There is a lot of cancer survivors, and those who are sick and suffering, and medical science can only do so much in its approach. So for me, this 3 days workshop has helped me to understand more about Energy Science and how energy affects our well being, especially GMR (aka Geopathic stress) has highlighted an area that could be a cause for some health issues including my own health. Seems that with understanding GMR and its effects on health, I can pinpoint on what is one of the main factors causing health issues for myself and others. 

Personally I've been having sleep issues in my place of residence and keep having to wake up many times in the middle of the night feeling uneasy. I dismissed it as perhaps, bladder issues. After learning from the workshop about GMR, After Dr Michael mapped the space and realised that true enough, there is a strong GMR line cutting around where my head is on my bed. With the recommended Geo Origin Harmoniser, I experience good restful sleep the very night. I became more convinced of GMR and its effects , and also how the Harmoniser is able to balance the energy of the room"

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