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From the Greek word, GEO, combining form of gê meaning the “earth”,  

contracted from gaîa, named after Greek Gaîa, a primordial Mother goddess 

who presided over earth in Greek myth, Hence we call Mother Earth.

Origin is the zero point; the inception of the point at which something begins its course deriving from a Source where something comes from and operating before the thing itself comes into existence. We refer to Origin as the natural perfect harmonious state of being.

The Dot symbolises the one eternal and unmoving Source from which 

all of creation emanates. It is the One Creative Principle which establishes and 

governs the Cycles of Eternity, it is the center point around which the Wheel of Eternity revolves. 

It is the circle, the center, and the purest tone, representing the idea of Source Origin.


The overlapping of the two “O”s, form the Vesica Piscis, a symbol of unity and infinity, 

hence Oneness permeates everything; an absolute that is nothing without it, and 

nothing within it (as within, so without; as above, so below); representing harmony and balance, between male and female energy, between the union of Heaven and Earth.  

When the positive and negative charges of an atom finds a balance, a perfect creation 

is formed in equilibrium. 

The two interlocking circles form the beginning of harmonised consciousness which creates perfect form and order, it can replicate itself to form the seed of life, and flower of life. 

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