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Geo Origin is the creation of Dr Michael Tan

(Naturopath ),based on the principles of Balance and Harmony.

The key to total wellness is to balance our environment and the human mind, body and spirit.

Harmony is the goal by rebalancing the frequency of the Human Heart and Mother Earth back to its original Schumann Resonance of 7.83 Hz .


By studying the physical space of shape and form, with the understanding of the science of wave and vibration, and moving beyond third dimensional reality, Geo Origin combines all the principles of material and non material laws to understand and counter balance erratic waves into harmonised energy field, to provide as optimum a space possible for the user.


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"Initially, the thought of wanting to find a very fundamental solution to rectify the loss of Qi (life force energy) and its flow and stability, was the sole purpose of developing the first generation Harmoniser in 2016.

Since from the beginning of its development, the harmoniser concept and range of products were only originally only intended to harmonise and stabilise the earth resonance magnetic field  ( which is commonly known as the Schumann resonance at 7.83Hz).

During the initial period we have to encounter all odds as this particular near field is very difficult to measure and it is very dynamic,  moreover the overall field are affected by multiple parameters which create an infinite dynamic change in the complete interactive informational field.  All these dynamics affect us continuously until our body stop to function.

During the initial 2 years of installing countless harmoniser from home to individual wearer as personal pendants, we have many feedbacks, and testimonials of how each individual react once the interactive start to modulate itself in achieving a harmonious field. 

Each sharing is so unique to each individual, and we were in awe by their enthusiasm and personal story.

During the 4 years of experiments and research,  we certainly have evolve beyond what our original design is meant for.

We have experienced the most natural changes on each individual, beyond our wildest dream.

Besides the original design intention of just creating a harmoniser purely for modulating the Imbalance of earth resonance's geomagnetic radiation(GMR) aka Geopathic Stress, the effects of harmonisation provided a wider spectrum than its original intent and usage.

We have identity that some of these benefits includes :

1. Cleansing, releasing of space and individual energetic field. ( such releases may come at different periods of our journey as we keep adjusting and releasing deep rooted blockages, some of which are beyond our current knowledge, such as ancestral DNA, our emotional blockages, fears, childhood trauma, habits, etc )

2. Changes in our thoughts , our behaviour and our experiences as we shift our perspective. This also creates physiological benefits as we unblocked our challenges, and create a better flow of our system and have better ability to rest and release our issues. These are all very personal and there are no specific definitions of how and what harmonising your biofield can do for you but nonetheless, it has been a very interesting observation seeing improvements in people's lives on different levels. The main similarity in these changes appears to be more efficient when one does not have expectations or preconceived ideas about what harmonising is or can do for you. Keeping an open mind, receives a wider spectrum of surprises. Limitations are set by ourselves through our own beliefs/disbeliefs. These in turns lead to the outcomes of one's journey.

3. We will still face challenges continuously.  However when we do not confront each challenge with fear, and control, we will start to truly accept an experience with an open mind, rather than experiencing with preconceived intentions, demands and knowledge,. 


Today with the knowledge we gained from experimenting with electro meridian imaging and bioenergetic assessment, we begin to see a classical relationship between energetic information ( vibrational fields) and Bio energetic field of both the space(environment) and human health and wellness function.

As we gain more experience,  it enables us to streamline several of our operational and functional parameters in our concept, wellness modalities and comprehensive solution to tailor a wellness programmes for each individual.


We are now gathering data of these interaction in order to provide us with the ability to truly combine core fundamentals to create simple , affordable and sustainable solutions starting from the space that we work and live in.


With Universal Guidance and Grace, we dedicate our purpose to providing and designing the best solutions for  wellness and humanity"


Dr Michael Tan


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