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GeoOrigin, created by Dr. Michael Tan (PD) in RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT, focuses on achieving balance and harmony for total wellbeing by aligning the environment and the human mind, body, and spirit. 

The goal is to rebalance the frequency of the Human Heart and Earth to the original Schumann Resonance of 7.83 Hz. By studying shapes, forms, and the science of waves and vibrations, GeoOrigin transforms erratic waves into a harmonized energy field, creating an optimal space for users.

Dr. Tan developed the first generation Harmoniser in 2016 to address the loss of Qi (life force energy) and stabilize the Earth’s magnetic field. Despite challenges in measuring this dynamic field, user feedback over two years showed significant positive effects, including:

1. Cleansing and releasing energetic blockages in spaces and individuals.

2. Positive shifts in thoughts, behaviors, and physiological benefits.

3. Enhanced ability to face challenges without fear, promoting acceptance and open-mindedness.

Four years of research expanded the Harmoniser's scope, showing a relationship between energetic information and bioenergetic fields of the environment and human health. This led to refined wellness programs tailored to individual needs. The ongoing goal is to create simple, affordable, and sustainable wellness solutions for living and working spaces, guided by universal principles for humanity's well-being.

The basic fundamental key
to wellness is to boost your energy.
When you restore the core
of the energetic imbalance.
All Chaos will be
restored to Harmony.

This is the
intrinsic origin
of our
Wellness principle.

Life Research Wellness

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