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Geo Origin is based on the principles of energy entanglement and the universal philosophy of harmony and balance. By integrating modern and ancient science, we aim to enhance overall wellbeing in our constantly changing living environment.

Understanding the Relationship of Crystalline Technology, Piezoelectricity, and Our Body

When at rest, our body produces about 100 watts of power, similar to a crystal oscillator. Our inner crystalline structures help transmit and receive electromagnetic energy, resonating at 7.83 Hz, the Earth's natural frequency. This resonance, discovered by W.O. Schumann, is vital for our wellbeing.

Our body's functions depend on electricity. Cells bathed in a crystalline saline solution conduct electricity, and many biological molecules have piezoelectric properties, aiding in processes like bone and wound healing. The pineal gland, containing microcrystals, produces melatonin and is affected by electromagnetic and geomagnetic fields.

Our tissues, including bones and skin, contain crystalline structures that generate electric pulses. These living cells exhibit both liquid and crystalline properties, responding to external stimuli like light, sound, and geomagnetic fields. These reactions can lead to internal imbalances and various disorders.

How Does GEOORIGIN Work?

The Geo Origin Harmoniser balances spaces affected by erratic wave frequencies through energy entanglement and harmonization. It transforms volatile waves into balanced sine waves, restoring efficient cellular communication. Tested in over 1000 sites with significant health benefits, Geo Origin regulates both geopathic and electromagnetic radiation, providing comprehensive protection and enhancing health and performance.

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