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The Birth of Geo Origin

Everything starts with an Intention.

The idea sparked by the intention follows through the journey of the design, created with technology, based on specific principles and philosophy of its invention. 

This is how Geo Origin encompasses the overall totality of its creation intended for total wellness.



The basic founding principles of Geo Origin are based on the quantum scientific principles of energy entanglement and the universal philosophy of Harmony and Balance.

By observing the collective whole of both modern and ancient science, and the interconnectedness of everything in nature and the energetic universe, we strive to create a tool for the benefit of mankind’s overall wellbeing in his interaction with the constant changes in one’s living environment.

Understanding the relationship of crystalline technology, piezoelectricity and our body

When our body is at rest we produce about 100 watts of power  .

Power = Volt × Current

Just like a crystal oscillator that provide precise vibration,our body's inner crystalline structures also aid in the transmission and reception of all electromagnetic energy (wave) within and outside our bodies .

Earth's inner core is also made up of quartz crystal and it oscillate at a resonance of 7.83 hz as discovered in 1952 by W.O Schumann know as Schumann law.


Many of our bodies' physiological functions are dependent on electricity. Our cells are bathed in a crystalline conductive saline solution and electricity flow through them. Many of our biological macromolecules including protein, nucleic acids and enzymes to name a few, have piezoelectric properties. 


Scientists have reported that many biological problems we experience including bone and wound healing can be managed by electric stimulation. 


The pineal gland of the human brain also consists of small crystals.  It contaisn calcium, carbon and oxygen.

The complex structure of these micro crystals lead to piezoelectric and the secretion of melatonin, a hormone that impacts our sleep cycle.  

It is also impacted and affected by exposure to electromagnetic fields (wave) and of course in our studies, Geomagnetic fields.


Within our living matrix and tissues ( bone, cartilage, tendons, ligaments and skin), crystalline arrangements lead to electric pulsation.

In fact the living cells include properties that are both liquid and crystalline. Liquid crystals have both the mobility and flexibility of water and the structural order of quartz crystal. These physical crystalline form was discovered by Masaru Emoto in The Hidden Messages in Water.


Similar to quartz crystals, they can respond to many external stimuli such as :



Mechanical pressure

Temperature changes 

Electric fields

Magnetic fields

Geomagnetic fields aka Geopathic stress


Thus our body's reactions to all these external waves result in internal imbalances in many of our physiological, mental, emotional disorders.


How does It work?

The Geo Origin Harmoniser works on the principles of energy entanglement and harmonisation. The Harmoniser acts to balance a space that has been affected by modern-day erratic waves frequencies. These waves once entangled in the Geo Origin Harmoniser’s sphere of influence, are rebalanced back into an original frequency sine wave.

Volatile waves restrict efficient communication between our body’s cells. Once all the volatile waves are harmonised into sine waves, they re-establish communication within our biological cellular system.

Fully tested in more than 1000 sites with amazing results over the past few years, especially in supporting health related issues, Geo Origin enables full spectrum frequency regulation of the yin and yang centrifugal forces, to bring optimal health and peak performance.

Our Clients

We have successfully installed our Geo Origin Space Harmoniser in homes as well as commercial space .

Our clients include HSBC (Hong Kong) Private Banking Department, Citibank (Singapore) Private Banking Department, D'rapport Condominium (Kuala Lumpur).

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