What is GMR and EMR?

There are essentially two types of radiation that affects our well being.


Geomagnetic Radiation(GMR)aka Geopathic Stress, is the discomfort in our bodies and even illnesses we experienced, due to prolonged exposure to the distortion of the natural frequency of the Earth. Earth generates its own magnetic field called Schumann Resonance (7.83Hz). However, it gets distorted by weak electromagnetic fields produced by underground activities like running water, cavities and mineral concentrations. GMR can also result from the electromagnetic fields produced by electrical wiring, domestic appliances and power-related equipment.

These type of waves are usually associated with far field or long wave.


Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) refers to energy produced by electrically-charged particles in motion. It can exist in natural form or be man-made, and can exist across the electromagnetic spectrum. In the domestic context, EMR comes from all electronic equipment such as smartphones, WIFI routers and even microwave ovens. Due to our ever-growing reliance on technology, we are being exposed to EMR daily, hence weakening our biological immune mechanism.

These types of waves are usually associated with near field or short wave.

How Does GMR Affect Us?

 As the weak electromagnetic fields (from subterranean formations and power-related equipments), as well as electromagnetic radiation in our households, go against the natural magnetic frequency of the Earth, they have a detrimental effect on our bodies. These result in geomagnetic radiation that affects our well being. The physical manifestations could vary widely as it affects cell degeneration effect on the human body which leads to lowered immune system and ultimately prone to diseases.

Oftentimes, people who are affected by GMR suffer from symptoms of sleep disorder, fatigue, insomnia and restlessness. If the problem is not addressed, it could, in the long run, lead to serious consequences like cancer, depression and infertility. In particular, cancer tumours have been known to appear at the spot where two or more GMR lines cross a person’s body. 

Awareness of GMR in today’s environment

GMR has been receiving more attention in recent years. Due to global industrialisation, the Earth’s ozone layer has been weakened, thus allowing more exposure to solar radiation, which in turn upsets the sensitive balance of the resonance frequency. In addition, technological advancement has resulted in the use of more electronic equipments, aggravating the situation. Governments around the world are conducting research into GMR and some organisations are taking proactive actions to limit its harmful effects.


How to counteract Geomagnetic radiation?

We have created the Geo Origin Personal Harmoniser as well as Space Harmoniser, to counteract the negative effects of GMR.

Please refer to our harmonisers on the products page. Our products are also able to stabilise EMR as well, due to its wide range of frequency modulation.

Space Audit: Evaluation of your home or work space.

In order to determine GMR aka geopathic stress lines in your home or work space, we need to do an evaluation of a floor plan of your premise. GMR is identified and located by dowsing for:

1. Hartman and Curry grids

2. Geological fault lines

3. Geomagnetic lines