EMF is everywhere in today's modern lifestyle with our reliance on technology ranging from cellphones, computers, tablets, wifi routers to various applications of smart technological systems for our urban conveniences.

Scientific studies have shown that long term exposure to EMF emissions may affect our cellular immune system 

causing imbalances in our mental and physical well being. Wireless radiation is considered a possible class 2

\carcinogenic according to a World Health Organisation report in 2011.

Our Unique Holographic Harmoniser is developed with our proprietary WMT™ which is a Wave Modulation Technology based on the principles of harmonisation by regulating multiple waves. This technology is a code embedded in the holographic harmoniser that stores the data within. 

When an erratic electromagnetic wave is detected, our WMT™ regulates and harmonises the waves acting as an active 

harmonising field to constantly monitor the surrounding changes in EMF, as well as modulating our human brain waves and biofield.

This also ensures that our immune system is not compromised with prolonged EMF exposure.

Geo Origin's Holographic Harmoniser does not function as a shield, nor does it neutralises or block EMF as what most other products may claim. As such it cannot be measured by any EMF meter, without understanding the various types of waves and frequencies. All our tests are carried out under lab conditions with varied considerations and perimeters of understanding the effects of different environmental conditions, different types of devices and models, as well as different human being in terms of their personal physiological capacity. Our own biofield capacity also affects the sensitivity of the readings. As such, our product acts to modulate the external EMF and human biofield to regulate and bring harmonisation.